Always A Bridesmaid By Lindsey Kelk: Book's Review and Summary

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Always the Bridesmaid: A hilarious yet heartwarming read

Always the Bridesmaid is a delightful novel written by the talented Lindsey Kelk and is a part of her I Heart series. The series is centered around heroine Angela Clark, who always seems to find herself in hilarious and unexpected situations. In this installment, Angela is in California to be the maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding. However, things don’t go exactly as planned, and she finds herself dealing with a whole new set of problems, including romantic entanglements, unspoken secrets, and much more.

Themes and Ideas Presented in Always the Bridesmaid

Love and friendship are the two main themes running throughout the book, with Angela’s loyalty to her friends being tested time and time again. The importance of communication in a relationship is also explored, as characters struggle with secrets and misunderstandings that threaten to ruin their friendships.

The novel also touches on the theme of career and identity, as Angela finds herself questioning her choices and wondering if she’s really happy with her career as a writer. In this way, the book speaks to a larger audience beyond just those interested in romantic comedy.

Critical Evaluation of Writing Style

Kelk’s writing style is fun and light-hearted, perfectly suited for the romantic comedy genre. Her characters are well-developed and feel like real people, with their quirks and flaws. She also has a talent for writing dialogue that feels natural and authentic.

One of the strengths of Always the Bridesmaid is how Kelk manages to balance humor and heart, delivering plenty of laughs while also exploring deeper emotional themes. However, there are moments where the pacing feels a bit off, and some of twists and turns in the plot feel a bit contrived.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book and How it Compares to other works in its Genre

One of the strengths of Always the Bridesmaid is the relatable and endearing characters that populate Kelk’s world. Readers will feel invested in their stories and want to see them succeed. Additionally, Kelk has a knack for writing humor that doesn’t feel forced, and the book is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny in many places.

However, the book can also feel a bit formulaic at times, with some of the plot points feeling like well-worn tropes of the romantic comedy genre. Additionally, some of the characters feel underdeveloped compared to Angela, who is given the lion’s share of the attention.

Compared to other works in the genre, Always the Bridesmaid holds its own thanks to Kelk’s strong writing and memorable characters. Fans of authors like Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot will likely enjoy this book and find plenty to love here.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Overall, Always the Bridesmaid is an enjoyable and easy read that will leave readers with a smile on their faces. While some of the plot points feel a bit predictable, Kelk’s characters and humor more than make up for it. Fans of romantic comedies will find plenty to enjoy here, and those looking for a light-hearted yet emotionally resonant read have found their match.


What is the I Heart series?

The I Heart series is a collection of novels written by Lindsey Kelk that follow the adventures of protagonist Angela Clark as she navigates life and love in various exciting locales around the world.

Is Always the Bridesmaid a standalone novel?

No, Always the Bridesmaid is part of the I Heart series, but can be read without having read the previous books in the series.

Is Always the Bridesmaid appropriate for all ages?

While there is some mild language and sexual content, Always the Bridesmaid is generally appropriate for readers of all ages. However, younger readers may not fully appreciate the themes and humor of the book.

Will there be more books in the I Heart series?

At this time, it is unclear if there will be more books in the series. However, fans of Lindsey Kelk’s writing can look forward to her other novels, including the Tess Brookes series and several standalone works.

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