August Falling By Les Zig: Book's Review and Summary

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August Falling by Les Zig is a gripping book that captivates readers with its immersive storyline and well-crafted characters. The book is a thriller, which keeps readers engaged throughout the entire read. Let’s delve into the themes and ideas presented in the book, along with a critical evaluation of the writing style and how effectively the author conveyed their message.

Main Themes and Ideas Presented in the Book

The story revolves around the central character, August, who is a struggling musician in his late thirties. He battles with depression and is suicidal at the beginning of the story. August meets a cab driver, Faustine, who is a stranger but soon becomes his confidant. Faustine convinces August to live life again and inspires him to change his current plight. August starts to see the world differently, as he discovers the beauty of small things that he took for granted before.

The primary message conveyed in the book is the power of resilience and how one can emerge from the depths of despair through the help of others. August’s story is also a reminder that life is precious and that one should try to treasure every moment. The book also explores the themes of love, family, and redemption, which are masterfully interwoven into the plot.

Critical Evaluation of the Writing Style and How Effectively the Author Conveyed Their Message

Les Zig’s writing style is engaging, making it easy for readers to connect with the characters and become immersed in the story. He presents the story from August’s perspective, a relatable character, making it easy for readers to identify with the character and, in turn, be impacted by his story. The plot flows smoothly, keeping readers on edge, as they anticipate what may happen next.

The author conveys his message effectively, using a combination of dialogue and narrative to create engaging content. He masterfully uses emotions to grab readers’ attention while presenting thought-provoking ideas. Les Zig’s storytelling is excellent, as he creates a seamless blend of drama, suspense, and romance, creating a unique and captivating reading experience.

The Book’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and How It Compares to Other Works in Its Genre

August Falling is a well-rounded book with excellent prose, exciting characters, and an involving storyline. The book’s pace is consistently high, with no unnecessary subplots, making it a quick and engaging read. Once the book gains momentum, it becomes a page-turner, leaving you wanting more.

The story’s setting is another strong point, as Les Zig does a great job with describing locations and creating vivid imagery, which contributes to the book’s overall appeal. The book’s only weakness is that the story moves quite fast, which may leave readers wishing there would have been more insights into the character and their emotions.

When compared to other books in its genre, August Falling stands out due to its unique perspective and an interesting take on depression, resilience, and the power of human connections. Les Zig is an excellent writer whose style is similar to authors such as Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell, making a must-read for anyone who loves this genre.

Overall Impression of the Book and Whether You Would Recommend It to Others

Overall, August Falling by Les Zig is an excellent book that leaves its readers with a sense of resilience and an appreciation of life’s beauty. The author’s well-crafted characters and immersive storyline make it a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good read. The book’s themes and messages resonate with readers, acting as a reminder that life, no matter how tough, is worth living.

I highly recommend August Falling to anyone looking for an engaging and relatable book with well-crafted characters and an involving storyline. The book is perfect for readers who love a good thriller, with underlying themes that explore human emotions and connections.


Q. Does August Falling have a sequel?

A. As of now, there are no news of a sequel for August Falling.

Q. Is August Falling an easy read?

A. Yes, Les Zig’s writing style is engaging and makes for an easy read. The book’s pace is consistently high, keeping readers engaged throughout the read.

Q. Does August Falling have any triggering content?

A. Yes, the book touches on the topic of depression and suicide, which may be triggering for some readers.

Q. Is August Falling a good book to read for book clubs?

A. Yes, August Falling is an excellent book for book clubs. The book explores themes that can spark a great discussion among members.

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