Blast Game On By Janet Evanovich: Book's Review and Summary

Janet Evanovich - Full Blast

Janet Evanovich – Full Blast: A Thrilling Read with a Dash of Humor

Janet Evanovich is a popular American author, known for her mystery and romance novels. She has several bestsellers to her name, including the Stephanie Plum series, which features a quirky and lovable bounty hunter as the protagonist. Full Blast is another exciting addition to her list of works, featuring a gripping plot with a hint of humor that keeps readers engaged till the end.

Plot Summary

Full Blast follows the story of Jamie Swift, a journalist who is struggling to keep her newspaper alive in the small town of Beaumont, South Carolina. When a millionaire businessman and his wife are found murdered in their mansion, Jamie smells a story that could save her paper. She teams up with Max Holt, a wealthy and handsome businessman who is also the prime suspect in the murder case, to unravel the mystery and clear his name.

The plot thickens as they uncover dark secrets about the victim’s past and present, while being hounded by the local police and a group of ruthless thugs who will stop at nothing to prevent them from getting to the truth. The duo finds themselves in the line of fire, facing danger at every turn, as they race against time to crack the case and expose the real culprit.

Themes and Ideas

One of the central themes of Full Blast is the importance of perseverance and teamwork. Jamie and Max come from different backgrounds and have varying skillsets, but they are united by their determination to solve the murder and their willingness to rely on each other to achieve their goal. The book also touches upon themes of trust, friendship, and loyalty, as the characters navigate their way through various obstacles and challenges.

Another interesting aspect of Full Blast is the portrayal of small-town America, with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies. Janet Evanovich has a knack for capturing the essence of a place and its people, and this book is no exception. The residents of Beaumont are a colorful bunch, with their own peculiarities and backstories that add depth to the narrative.

Writing Style and Evaluation

Janet Evanovich has a distinct writing style that is both engaging and easy to read. Full Blast is no exception, with its fast-paced plot and witty dialogue that keeps readers hooked from start to finish. The author’s use of humor is one of the book’s strongest points, as it adds a much-needed lightness to the otherwise dark and serious plot. The banter between Jamie and Max is particularly enjoyable, and their chemistry is palpable.

However, some readers may find the book’s plot to be a bit predictable and formulaic, with some of the twists and turns feeling a tad contrived. Additionally, the character development could have been more nuanced, with some of the secondary characters feeling underdeveloped and one-dimensional.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of Full Blast’s strengths is its ability to balance suspense and humor, making it an enjoyable and entertaining read. The chemistry between Jamie and Max is also a highlight, adding a romantic subplot that complements the main storyline. The book’s depiction of small-town life is another strength, providing a vivid and realistic backdrop for the action to unfold.

On the other hand, the book’s weaknesses lie in its lack of originality and depth. The plot feels somewhat formulaic and predictable, with few surprises or twists that truly catch the reader off-guard. Additionally, some of the characters feel underdeveloped, leading to a lack of emotional investment in their fates.

Comparison to Other Works in its Genre

Full Blast fits squarely into the mystery/romance genre, which has a long and storied history in literature. While it doesn’t necessarily break any new ground in terms of plot or character, it provides a solid and entertaining read that will appeal to fans of the genre. Its depiction of small-town America is reminiscent of the works of fellow authors like David Baldacci and James Lee Burke, while its humor and romance elements align it with the likes of Janet Dailey and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Overall, Full Blast is an enjoyable and engaging read that will keep readers hooked till the end. Its fast-paced plot, witty banter, and lovable characters make it an ideal pick for anyone looking for a lighthearted mystery/romance novel. While it may not be the most original work in its genre, it provides a solid and satisfying story that will leave readers feeling entertained and satisfied.


1. Is Full Blast suitable for young readers?

Full Blast contains some mature themes and language, and may not be suitable for younger readers. It is recommended for readers aged 18 and above.

2. How does Full Blast compare to other books by Janet Evanovich?

Full Blast is a solid addition to Janet Evanovich’s list of works, with its engaging plot and likable characters. However, some readers may find it to be somewhat formulaic and predictable compared to some of her other books. It is recommended for fans of Evanovich’s other works, as well as anyone looking for a light and entertaining mystery/romance novel.

3. Will there be a sequel to Full Blast?

There has been no official announcement regarding a sequel to Full Blast. However, Janet Evanovich has written several series featuring some of the same characters, so it is possible that Jamie and Max may make an appearance in one of her other books.

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