Broad River Station by Fleur McDonald

Broad River Station by Fleur McDonald

Fleur McDonald, the voice of the outback, has accomplished a remarkable milestone with the publication of her twentieth novel, Broad River Station. A celebrated author in Australia, McDonald once again delivers an absorbing rural fiction tale that is packed with small-town conflicts, family secrets, career challenges, and a missing child case that rocks the tight-knit community.

Book review Broad River Station

Introducing a new character, Mia Worth, a graduate officer who experiences sexism in the workplace, McDonald explores the pressures and roadblocks faced by female police officers. Mia’s story adds a fascinating layer of depth and relatability to the novel. Mia is back in her hometown to care for her grandmother who is suffering from dementia. During one of her visits, Mia receives a cryptic message from Clara, her grandmother. Clara reveals that she is in possession of a key that will unlock a hidden truth about their family. However, Mia is hesitant to believe her grandmother’s revelation as Clara’s memory is failing.

Broad River Station is another thrilling rural fiction tale that features the beloved detective Dave Burrows and his new constable sidekick, Mia Worth. The story encompasses a variety of themes, including workplace politics, small town pressure points, rural crime, missing persons cases, community relations, family health, and the past. The fast-moving plot and consuming chapters ensure that Broad River Station is a page-turning read.

As a fan of Fleur McDonald’s work, I was thrilled to see her introduce a new and hopefully enduring character in Mia Worth. Her story was a breath of fresh air, and it was fascinating to see the challenges she faced in her new position. With a range of periphery characters such as local townsfolk, fellow law enforcement officers, and loved ones of the lead characters, Broad River Station was a busy read.

In conclusion, Broad River Station is another ripper from the voice of the bush, Fleur McDonald. McDonald’s storytelling prowess is once again on full display in her twentieth novel. Cheers to McDonald on her achievement, and fans of her work are sure to enjoy this gripping tale of small-town life, family secrets, and the power of the past.

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