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Cold Storage by David Koepp

Are you in the mood for an apocalyptic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Then look no further than Cold Storage by David Koepp.

Koepp, a screenwriter and director who has worked on blockbuster franchises like Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, delivers a gripping narrative full of danger, suspense, and even a touch of humor.

In Cold Storage, the world comes under threat from a dangerous organism that was discovered and contained decades ago. As the story unfolds, we learn that this organism has escaped its confinement and is now on the loose, threatening the survival of all life on earth.

Koepp wastes no time in setting the stakes high, and the fast-paced storytelling quickly draws us into the world of his characters. The tension is palpable from the first chapter, and the way that Koepp builds and releases that tension creates a thrilling ride that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Main Themes and Ideas

One of the primary themes of Cold Storage is the danger of playing God with science. The organism that threatens the world is a result of scientific experimentation gone wrong, and the consequences of that experimentation are catastrophic.

Koepp also explores the idea of how humans would react in the face of a global disaster. As the characters in the book struggle to survive, we see different approaches to dealing with the situation, from blind panic to calculated risk-taking.

Another key theme of the book is the fragility of our ecosystem. As the organism wreaks havoc on the natural world, we are reminded of how interconnected all of life is, and how important it is that we take care of our planet.

The Writing Style and Conveying the Message

Koepp’s screenwriting background is evident in his prose. His writing is crisp and to-the-point, with scenes that play out like a movie in our minds.

One of the strengths of his writing is its ability to convey complex scientific ideas in an accessible way. The details of the organism’s genetics and behavior are explained clearly, without ever overwhelming the reader.

However, the book’s pacing is not without its flaws. While the action-packed scenes are thrilling, there are moments when the story slows down too much, particularly in the middle section where we learn more about the characters’ backstories. This can make the book feel a bit uneven at times.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strengths of Cold Storage is its ability to combine multiple genres. It’s not just a thriller – it’s also a cautionary tale about the dangers of science, a character study of people pushed to their limits, and a tribute to the beauty of the natural world.

Another strength is Koepp’s ability to create memorable characters. While some of them fall into familiar archetypes – the grizzled veteran, the scrappy survivor – they all have unique characteristics that make them stand out.

However, one weakness of the book is its reliance on convenient coincidences to move the plot forward. There are times when the characters are saved by pure luck rather than their own ingenuity, which can feel a bit unsatisfying.

Comparison to Other Works in the Genre

Cold Storage is sure to satisfy fans of apocalyptic thrillers like The Andromeda Strain and The Passage. With its fast-paced storytelling and relatable characters, it will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

However, it might not be the best fit for those looking for a more nuanced exploration of the apocalypse. While it touches on some interesting themes, it mostly focuses on the action and suspense rather than the psychological toll of a world-ending event.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

In the end, Cold Storage is a thrilling ride that will satisfy anyone looking for a fast-paced, action-packed thriller. While it may not be the deepest exploration of its themes, it delivers on its promise of entertainment.

If you’re a fan of David Koepp’s screenwriting work or just looking for a new dystopian thriller to devour, I highly recommend giving Cold Storage a read.


Q: Is Cold Storage appropriate for all readers?

A: As with many thrillers, Cold Storage contains violence and some gore. It may not be suitable for all readers.

Q: Is the book part of a series?

A: No, Cold Storage is a standalone novel.

Q: Is it necessary to have a background in science to enjoy the book?

A: Not at all! While the book deals with some scientific concepts, they are explained clearly and simply for the reader.

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