Congo Dawn By Katherine Scholes: Book's Review and Summary

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Welcome to the world of Katherine Scholes, where adventure awaits in every page! Her latest book, Congo Dawn, is a thrilling journey that takes you deep into the heart of Africa. Scholes is a renowned Australian author who has been captivating readers for decades with her vivid story-telling and exceptional writing skills.


The story revolves around an Australian nurse named Fiona and her journey to finding her true purpose in life. She travels to Africa, where she helps out in a local hospital, gains an insight into the country’s politics and falls in love with a charming man, Charles. However, their romance is threatened by the ongoing conflict and civil unrest in the region, forcing Fiona to make some tough choices that will shape her future.

Themes and Ideas

One of the major themes explored in Congo Dawn is the African continent’s struggle with political instability and corruption. Scholes masterfully highlights the political turmoil, greed, and power plays in the country, which have a direct impact on the local population, their daily lives and the future of the nation. Additionally, Scholes sheds light on the impact of colonialism, traditions, and culture of the African people, and their continued struggle for survival are heart-wrenching and thought-provoking, urging readers to question the role of foreign interventions in Africa.

Writing style and Narrative

Scholes has an exceptional writing style, effortlessly weaving together intricate plotlines, rich descriptions, and characters that feel incredibly real. Her narrative captures the essence of Africa’s beauty, struggles and captures the power of love in exceptional ways. However, at times she can get over descriptive, slightly bogging the reader down with too much information, but this does not detract from the overall outstanding storytelling of the novel.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the most significant strengths of Congo Dawn is the author’s ability to transport the readers to the African continent, providing an authentic depiction of the people, politics, and culture. Furthermore, Scholes’s depiction of love as a transformative force is something to marvel, making the novel one of the most romantic ones out there. The only slight weakness in the novel is the slow pace at which the story unfolds, but the plot definitely picks up, and once it does its nothing like you have ever encountered before.

Comparison with Other Works

In comparison to international bestsellers such as ‘The Poisonword Bible’ and ‘The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’, Congo Dawn stands as a unique novel due to its showcase of Australian culture and tone throughout the novel. In contrast to these super famous novels, the book is softer, kinder, and centering around love as the core of the story. However, it is still an impressive feat when placed alongside other novel works that explore Africa.


In conclusion, Congo Dawn is an awe-inspiring novel, a treat for romantics and adventure enthusiasts alike. The rich descriptions of Africa’s culture, Schaols unique love storytelling, intertwined with the political intrigue, and soul-searching adventure makes it a must-read for anyone looking for an exceptional novel.


Q. Is Congo Dawn based on a true story?

A. No, Congo Dawn is a fictional story, exploring the themes of love, adventure, and political unrest in Africa. However, the author Katherine Scholes is well known to have a deep fascination with Australia’s indigenous people as well as Africa, and this is evident throughout the book.

Q. What is the recommended age group for the book?

A. The book is recommended for readers aged 16 and above due to some mature themes explored in the novel.

Q. Will there be a sequel or a movie adaptation of Congo Dawn?

A. There is no information regarding a sequel or movie adaptation of Congo Dawn. However, knowing the success of the novel, it could be a possibility at some point in the future.

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