Death In The Ladies Goddess Club By Julian Leatherdale: Book's Review and Summary

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Juggling motherhood, marriage, and a career in the mid-20th century is no easy feat, but the women of The Ladies’ Goddess Club are more than up to the task. Julian Leatherdale’s novel, Death in the Ladies’ Goddess Club, is a captivating exploration of friendship, loyalty, and mystery that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Themes and Ideas

The book centers on the lives of four women in post-World War II Sydney who form a close bond in the titular Ladies’ Goddess Club. Although they come from different backgrounds and face their own unique challenges, these women unite under the leadership of their president, Grace, to create a supportive community. Yet their tight-knit group is put to the test when a young artist is tragically murdered during a goddess club event, and the women find themselves embroiled in the investigation.

Throughout the novel, Leatherdale deftly touches on a range of themes, from societal expectations surrounding women’s roles to the complex dynamics of female friendship. He also skillfully captures the nuances of post-World War II life in Australia and the challenges faced by those trying to navigate a rapidly changing world.

Writing Style

The novel’s structure is both intricate and engaging, with each chapter alternating between the perspectives of the four main characters. This allows readers to get inside each woman’s head and understand her motivations and challenges, while also keeping the plot moving at a brisk pace. Leatherdale’s writing is evocative and richly detailed, immersing readers in the sights and sounds of mid-century Sydney.

However, some readers may find that the frequent shifts in perspective make it difficult to fully connect with any one character. Additionally, while Leatherdale’s writing is generally strong, there are moments where the dialogue feels stilted or forced.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the novel’s major strengths is its portrayal of female friendship. The Ladies’ Goddess Club is a refreshing depiction of women supporting each other and working together to overcome obstacles. The mystery at the heart of the story is also compelling, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers engaged.

However, some readers may be put off by the book’s slow start. It takes a while for the plot to really take off, and some may find the early chapters of the book to be less engaging than the latter half.

Overall Impression

Despite its flaws, Death in the Ladies’ Goddess Club is a well-written and entertaining novel that offers a nuanced portrayal of friendship and mystery. Fans of historical fiction and cozy mysteries are sure to find something to enjoy here, and the novel’s unique setting and strong female characters make it stand out from other works in its genre.


What genre is Death in the Ladies’ Goddess Club?

The novel falls loosely into the categories of historical fiction and cozy mystery.

Is the book suitable for all ages?

The book contains some adult themes and language, and may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Does the book have a satisfying ending?

Without giving anything away, we think readers will find the ending both surprising and satisfying.

Will there be a sequel?

At this time, there are no plans for a sequel, but fans of the book may want to keep an eye out for future works by Julian Leatherdale.

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