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Exiles by Jane Harper

Exiles by Jane Harper is a crime mystery novel that follows federal investigator Aaron Falk as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of Kim Gillespie at a wine country festival. The story is set in a small Australian community where dark secrets and murky circumstances surround the case, leaving Falk to question the behavior of Kim’s family and friends. The book explores themes of family, loss, grief, and community dynamics while providing an atmospheric backdrop of the wine country.

Review Book Exiles

The plot of Exiles is slow-paced and lacks the same urgency and buzz as Harper’s previous works. The mystery of Kim Gillespie’s disappearance is initially intriguing, but the story loses momentum as it progresses. The case resolution comes without much bravado, and Falk’s time as an investigator is left to question. However, the book’s setting is one of the redeeming qualities of the story, and Harper’s descriptions of the wine country make for a relaxing and languid read.

Character analysis is a crucial aspect of the book, with multiple protagonists to follow. Aaron Falk returns as the main character, and his personal life is explored, providing an excellent interlude to the developing mystery. His romantic relationship and connection to Kim Gillespie’s family give a new dimension to his character. The supporting cast of characters, including Kim’s family and friends, are all suspects in the case, and their behavior is closely analyzed by Falk. The complexity of their relationships and dynamics provides deeper insight into the community’s dark secrets.

The book explores the themes of family, loss, grief, and community dynamics. The impact of Kim’s disappearance on her family and friends is evident throughout the story. The community’s tight-knit nature is also explored, and their secrets and dynamics are integral to the plot. The book highlights the lengths people will go to protect their own and the consequences of their actions.

Symbolism is not a prevalent feature in the book, but the wine country setting provides a metaphor for the story’s slow pace. The wine country’s relaxed atmosphere contrasts with the case’s tension, providing an interesting dichotomy.

Harper’s writing style is easy to read, and her vivid and atmospheric setting descriptions. However, the book’s pacing is slow, making it challenging for those expecting a fast-paced thriller.
In conclusion, Exiles is a different Jane Harper book than her previous works, with a slow pace and a leisurely read.

The book’s setting is one of its redeeming qualities, and Harper’s descriptions of the wine country make for an atmospheric backdrop to the story. However, the plot’s lack of urgency and momentum may disappoint readers expecting a fast-paced thriller. Despite its shortcomings, Exiles provides a deep dive into family, loss, grief, and community dynamics, making it an exciting read for those interested in exploring these themes.

Jane Harper’s previous works, such as The Dry and Force of Nature, maybe an excellent next read for those who enjoyed Exiles. These books also explore the Australian landscape and feature Aaron Falk as the main character. The pacing is faster, and the plots are more urgent, providing a thrilling reading experience.

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