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T. J. Newman’s debut novel, Falling, is a pulse-racing thriller that is sure to capture the attention of any fan of the genre. With a unique premise that is equal parts terrifying and intriguing, Newman expertly weaves a story that is as intelligently crafted as it is emotionally compelling.

The Story

Falling takes place on a routine commercial flight from Los Angeles to New York. Everything seems normal until the pilot, Captain Bill Hoffman, receives an unexpected message: his wife and children have been kidnapped, and the only way to save them is to crash the plane. Hoffman must make an impossible choice: sacrifice the lives of the passengers and crew on board, or risk the lives of his family members.

What follows is a harrowing tale of survival as Hoffman and his crew work to keep the plane in the air while also grappling with the impossible decision that hangs over their heads. Meanwhile, on the ground, Hoffman’s wife tries to stay alive long enough to see her family rescued.

The Author

T. J. Newman has had a varied career path, working as a flight attendant for Virgin America and Alaska Airlines before turning to writing. She brings a unique perspective to the story of Falling, offering insight into the world of commercial aviation and the intricate web of relationships that exist between crew members.

Newman’s writing is fast-paced and gripping, with a keen eye for detail that makes the story come to life on the page. Her ability to create fully realized characters and convey the tension of the situation is what sets Falling apart from other thrillers in the genre.

The Themes

At its core, Falling is a story about sacrifice and the difficult choices we must make in order to protect the ones we love. Hoffman’s decision is one that no one should ever have to face, yet the story is all the more compelling because of the weight of the consequences hanging over his head.

Newman also explores themes of trust and loyalty, both between crew members and between spouses. Hoffman’s relationship with his wife is put to the test as he struggles to balance his duty to his passengers with his obligation to his family, while the crew must learn to work together in order to keep the plane in the air.

The Writing

Newman’s writing is crisp and concise, with a keen sense of pacing that keeps the story moving forward at a breakneck pace. The book is told from multiple perspectives, including those of the crew members, the passengers, and even Hoffman’s wife.

While the story is certainly gripping, some readers may find the shifts in perspective to be distracting. Additionally, some of the characters feel underdeveloped, with their arcs feeling rushed or incomplete. However, these are relatively minor quibbles in what is otherwise a thoroughly engaging read.

The Verdict

Falling is a thrilling debut novel from a talented writer with a unique voice. It’s a page-turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. While there are some minor flaws in the writing and character development, they are far outweighed by the book’s strengths.

If you’re a fan of the genre, Falling is a must-read. Even if you’re not typically a fan of thrillers, the book’s thoughtful exploration of sacrifice and loyalty make it a worthwhile read. Recommended.


  • Q: Is Falling appropriate for all ages?
  • A: Due to its themes and mature content, Falling is recommended for readers age 18 and up.
  • Q: Is Falling a standalone novel?
  • A: Yes, Falling is a standalone novel.
  • Q: Does Falling have any potential triggers or sensitive material?
  • A: Yes, Falling deals with themes of violence, death, and trauma. Readers who may be sensitive to these topics should exercise caution while reading.
  • Q: Is Falling available in other formats?
  • A: Yes, Falling is available in e-book and audiobook formats.

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