Ghosted By Rosie Walsh: Book's Review and Summary

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Ghosted, by Rosie Walsh: A Haunting Tale of Love and Loss

If you’re looking for a gripping tale of love, loss and the power of memory, look no further than Rosie Walsh’s Ghosted. True to its title, this novel is set in the eerie, ghostly world between life and death, telling the story of a woman’s quest to find the man she fell in love with – and then lost – in just one week.

Walsh is a British author best known for her debut novel, The Man Who Didn’t Call, which was a Sunday Times bestseller in the UK. She is a gifted storyteller with a talent for creating complex, multi-layered characters and weaving together intricate plot lines that leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Themes and Ideas

Ghosted is a novel that explores the themes of love, loss, and the slippery nature of memory. When our protagonist, Sarah, falls in love with Eddie during a week-long whirlwind romance, she is convinced that he is the one for her. But when he suddenly disappears without a trace, she is left with nothing but memories – and a deep sense of loss and confusion.

As Sarah begins to investigate Eddie’s disappearance, she discovers that there is more to his story than she ever imagined. She learns about his troubled past, his complicated relationships, and the secrets he was hiding from her. But even as she unravels the mystery, she must come to terms with the fact that the truth may not be what she wants to hear.

Through Sarah’s journey, Walsh asks us to consider the ways in which we attach ourselves to memories and people – even when they are no longer present in our lives. She explores the power of love to both transform and destroy us, and the ways in which we can find healing and closure in the face of loss.

Critical Evaluation of Writing Style

Walsh’s writing style in Ghosted is immersive and atmospheric, drawing readers into the haunting world of Sarah’s memories and the complicated relationships that shaped them. At times, the story can feel a bit slow or meandering, as Walsh takes her time exploring the emotional depths of the characters and their histories. However, this slow pacing ultimately pays off, as it allows us to become deeply invested in the fates of Sarah, Eddie, and the people in their lives.

One of the strengths of Walsh’s writing is the vividness of her descriptions. Whether she’s describing the haunting beauty of the Welsh countryside or the murky depths of Sarah’s memories, she creates a sense of atmosphere that is both haunting and beautiful. Overall, Walsh’s writing is a testament to her ability to craft powerful, emotionally resonant stories that stay with readers long after the final page is turned.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the greatest strengths of Ghosted is Walsh’s ability to create complex, multi-dimensional characters who feel like real, flawed humans. Sarah is a nuanced character whose emotions are raw and real, and whose journey is immensely compelling. Eddie is a bit more enigmatic, but his story is no less poignant, and the revelations about his past are genuinely shocking.

One potential weakness of the novel is its slow pacing, which may not appeal to all readers. Additionally, the novel’s ending may feel a bit unsatisfying or ambiguous to some, as it leaves many questions unanswered. However, for those who appreciate a slow burn and an emotionally resonant story, Ghosted is sure to be a rewarding read.

Comparison to Other Works in the Genre

In some ways, Ghosted can be compared to other novels in the “ghost story” or supernatural romance genres, such as Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife or Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones. However, where those novels lean into the more fantastical elements of their stories, Ghosted takes a more grounded approach, focusing on the emotional turmoil of its characters rather than the supernatural aspects of the plot.

Additionally, fans of Walsh’s earlier work may find that Ghosted is more introspective and character-driven than her previous novels, which tended to be more plot-heavy. However, her talent for creating fully-realized characters and evocative atmospheres remains just as strong in this novel as it has ever been.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Overall, Ghosted is a haunting and emotionally rich novel that is sure to stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Walsh’s talent for creating complex characters and hypnotic atmospheres is on full display here, and her ability to explore the themes of love, loss, and memory in a way that feels both fresh and timeless is truly impressive.

If you’re a fan of character-driven fiction, stories that explore the hidden depths of human emotion, or simply a good ghost story, then Ghosted is definitely worth your time. While the slow pacing and ambiguous ending may not appeal to everyone, those who appreciate a more introspective approach to storytelling are sure to find this novel deeply rewarding.


Is Ghosted a supernatural or paranormal romance novel?

While the novel does deal with themes of the supernatural and the paranormal, it is ultimately more focused on the emotional and psychological turmoil of its characters than on any overtly supernatural elements. Fans of romance novels with a supernatural twist, such as Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, may find Ghosted to be a bit less overtly supernatural, but equally compelling in its explorations of emotional turmoil and the search for closure after loss.

Do I need to be a fan of Rosie Walsh’s previous work to enjoy Ghosted?

No, while fans of Walsh’s earlier novels may appreciate the more introspective and character-driven approach that Ghosted takes, the novel stands on its own as a powerful and evocative story. If you’re a fan of character-driven fiction, compelling narratives, and stories that explore the hidden depths of human emotion, then Ghosted is definitely worth your time.

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