Gone By Midnight By Candice Fox: Book's Review and Summary

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Gone by Midnight: A Thrilling Page-Turner by Candice Fox

Candice Fox’s Gone by Midnight is a gripping tale that combines elements of mystery, suspense, and crime. It follows the story of a young girl, named Richie, who goes missing one night from a hotel room in a small coastal town in Australia. The local police launch an investigation, but find themselves struggling to solve the case. However, the arrival of a pair of off-duty detectives to the town revives their hope, as they believe they can uncover clues leading to Richie’s whereabouts. The book keeps readers on edge throughout, as they follow the twists and turns of the plot and try to piece together the clues themselves.

Candice Fox is an award-winning author of crime thrillers, who has been praised for her sharp storytelling skills and unique way of executing plot twists. Fox has collaborated with James Patterson on several best-selling novels and has also authored several books of her own, including Gone by Midnight. Her writing style is known for its fast-paced, gritty nature that keeps readers engaged from beginning to end.

Main Themes and Ideas Presented in Gone by Midnight

The book deals with several themes, including crime investigation, suspense, and emotional turmoil. One of the main themes of the book is the desperation of parents to find their missing child, and the emotional impact this has on the family. The author conveys the immense pain and trauma that Richie’s parents go through in their journey to find their daughter, making readers empathize with their characters.

Another theme that the book explores is the complexity of police investigations, and the challenges that investigators face in solving a crime. Fox portrays the difficulties that police officers face when they are confronted with a case that has no obvious leads or suspects, highlighting the need for patience, persistence, and attention to detail.

Beyond these themes, Fox also delves into the dark side of human nature. She explores the twisted motives of the abductors, painting a chilling portrait of the people who will go to great lengths to satisfy their own desires.

Evaluation of Writing Style and Effectiveness

Fox’s writing style is fast-paced and gritty, which is effective in creating a sense of suspense and tension throughout the book. Her use of short, snappy sentences and vivid descriptions draws readers in and keeps them engaged. The book’s structure is also well organized, presenting different points of view and allowing readers to see the case from multiple angles.

While the writing style is effective, the characters themselves could have been better developed. The two off-duty investigators, for example, lack the depth that would have made them feel like fully-fledged characters worthy of investment. However, this does not materially impact the overall impact of the book. Additionally, the plot is well-constructed and enjoyable to follow. The mystery keeps readers guessing until the very end, and the final twist is shocking and rewarding.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the book’s main strengths lies in Fox’s ability to create and maintain a suspenseful atmosphere. Her writing style is fast-paced and keeps readers on edge, with twists and turns throughout the narrative. Additionally, the author does an excellent job of portraying the emotional turmoil that the characters go through, which adds a depth to the story.

However, one of the book’s weaknesses lies in the characters. While they are interesting and well-written, they could have been better developed. Additionally, there are a few plot points that feel somewhat contrived and could have been fleshed out more.

Gone by Midnight in Comparison to Other Works in its Genre

Gone by Midnight sits comfortably alongside some of the best crime thrillers available today. The book’s fast-paced plot, suspenseful atmosphere, and well-written characters make it an excellent choice for fans of the genre. It stands out, however, with its focus on the emotional trauma of a family dealing with the loss of their child, which gives it a unique edge.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Gone by Midnight is a thrilling and suspenseful novel that will keep readers on edge from beginning to end. While there are some weaknesses in the characterisation and plot, the book’s strengths in the writing style, atmosphere, and emotional depth more than make up for it. If you’re a fan of the crime and thriller genre, then this book definitely deserves a place on your shelf.


1. Is Gone by Midnight a standalone novel or part of a series?

Gone by Midnight can be read as a standalone novel, as it does not have any direct sequels or prequels. However, Fox does have a few other books that share characters and settings, such as the Archer and Bennett series.

2. Is there any graphic or violent content in the book?

Yes, there are some scenes in the book that depict violence and abuse. However, they are not overly graphic, and the author does not use gratuitous violence to shock readers.

3. What are some other books by Candice Fox that I might enjoy?

Candice Fox has written several other books that are worth checking out if you enjoy Gone by Midnight. Some of her other popular novels include Crimson Lake, which is set in the same universe as Gone by Midnight, and the Archer and Bennett series.

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