Ice Letters By Susan Errington: Review and Summary

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Ice Letters by Susan Errington – A Gripping Tale of Love and Loss

Ice Letters is a novel written by Susan Errington, which tells the story of a young woman named Charlotte, who is dealing with the tragic loss of her mother. The book explores themes of grief, love, self-discovery, and the power of human connection to help us heal from our deepest wounds. Through Charlotte’s journey, Errington weaves an intricate web of emotions, relationships, and experiences that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Main Themes and Ideas

The main themes of Ice Letters revolve around the process of grieving and accepting loss, as well as the ways in which we find meaning and purpose in our lives. Through Charlotte’s experiences, the author illuminates the complex nature of grief and how it can manifest in different ways for different people. We see Charlotte struggling with her own sense of identity and purpose, as she navigates the challenges of living in a world without her mother.

In addition to exploring themes of grief and loss, Ice Letters also delves into issues of identity, love, and relationships. The book portrays the relationships between family members and friends with great depth and realism. Through Charlotte’s interactions with her aunt, uncle and niece, we discover how people can pull together in times of crisis, even when it seems impossible.

Critical Evaluation of Writing Style

Errington’s writing style is incredibly engaging and evocative. Her use of language is precise and vivid, enabling the reader to feel fully immersed in the story. She brings the characters to life in a way that is both intimate and authentic. It’s clear that she has a deep understanding of human nature and an ability to portray it with great sensitivity and nuance. She also does a great job of building suspense throughout the book, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat until the very end.

One of the book’s strengths is its ability to explore complex emotional issues in a way that is both relatable and profound. The author’s descriptions of Charlotte’s emotional journey are so vivid and honest that they will resonate with anyone who has experienced loss or gone through a major life transition. Errington’s writing is also notable for its ability to convey the small details and everyday experiences that make up our lives, and how they can have a profound impact on our sense of self and purpose.

One weakness is that the book can be a bit slow in places, as we follow Charlotte’s journey through grief and self-discovery. Some readers may find it difficult to identify with Charlotte, particularly if they have not experienced loss themselves. However, for those who are willing to invest the time and emotional energy, the payoff is well worth it.

Comparison to Other Works in its Genre

Ice Letters is a unique and powerful book that explores the complexity of human emotions in a way that few other works in its genre do. It tackles issues of grief, love, and identity with a depth and sensitivity that is rare in contemporary fiction. In terms of its tone and subject matter, it has similarities to other works such as The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion and There You Are by Mathea Morais, both of which explore the emotional impact of loss on individuals and families.

However, what sets Ice Letters apart is its unique blend of realism and fantasy. The book’s beautiful imagery and vivid descriptions of the natural world create a kind of magical realism that adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to the story. It also explores themes of human connection and the power of relationships to help us heal from our deepest wounds, which sets it apart from other more solipsistic works.

Overall Impression

Ice Letters is an emotional and gripping tale that takes the reader on a journey through grief and self-discovery. Through Charlotte’s experiences, the author illuminates the power of human connection to help us heal from our deepest wounds. Her writing is beautiful, evocative, and deeply moving, and will stay with readers long after they’ve finished the book. Despite its slow pace and the difficulty some may have identifying with Charlotte, the book’s strong emotional punches are well worth the investment of time and emotional energy.


Is Ice Letters suitable for all ages?

The book deals with themes of loss, grief, and human connection, which may be difficult for younger readers to understand or relate to. It is recommended for readers aged 16 and up.

What is the reading level of the book?

The book has a reading level of Grade 10-12, due to some of its complex themes and vocabulary.

Does the book have a happy ending?

The book’s ending is open to interpretation, but overall it is a hopeful and uplifting story about the power of human connection to help us heal from our deepest wounds.

Is the book available in ebook format?

Yes, the book is available in ebook format on all major online bookstores.

Would you recommend this book to others?

Yes, if you’re looking for an emotional and moving tale that explores the complexity of human emotions, then Ice Letters is a great choice. It’s a beautifully written and evocative story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished.

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