Like Mother Like Daughter By Elle Croft: Review and Summary

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Exploring Like Mother, Like Daughter – A Compelling Tale of Family Bonding

Like Mother, Like Daughter is a 2017 comedy-drama movie, which revolves around a mother-daughter duo who switch bodies and struggle to adjust to each other’s lives. The movie was directed by Noémie Saglio and co-written by Léa Frazer and Jérôme Fansten. It stars Juliette Binoche and Camille Cottin in the lead roles.

Emerging Themes and Ideas

The central theme of the movie is the bond between a mother and her daughter. It explores the dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship, taking the audience into the lives of two women. The movie skilfully portrays the complexities of their relationship by showing their struggles to identify with each other’s lives.

The story highlights the importance of understanding and empathy, and how it can strengthen family bonds. Through the transformation of their bodies, the mother-daughter duo learns to appreciate one another’s lives, and gradually develops respect for each other’s choices.

Writing Style and Effectiveness

The director and writers of the movie have done a fantastic job of portraying the characters and their relationships in a fresh and exciting way. The story is heartwarming, funny and engaging, making it an enjoyable watch for viewers of all ages.

The film has a unique style of storytelling that takes the traditional switched identity genre and gives it a fresh spin with a message of family connection and empowerment. The director’s vision for the film is seamlessly executed, making it an emotional rollercoaster that is both relatable and transformative.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the movie’s strengths is the strong performances of the cast members. Juliette Binoche’s portrayal of a middle-aged woman trying to reclaim her youth is heartfelt, whilst Camille Cottin’s depiction of a young woman who is struggling with her mother’s expectations is authentic and relatable.

The humour is also a strength of the film. The movie uses the body-switching trope in a hilarious and light-hearted way, without sacrificing the core emotional message of the story.

One of the weaknesses of the film is that it relies too heavily on predictable tropes and character archetypes. Some of the jokes are a little too familiar and could have benefited from more fresh and inventive humour.

Comparison to Other Works

Like any other comedy-drama film, Like Mother, Like Daughter has its unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Compared to other films with a similar theme, like Freaky Friday and The Hot Chick, this movie comes across as more sensitive, with less over-the-top humour. It also delves more deeply into the mother-daughter bond, rather than just focusing on the comedy aspect.

Overall, the story and performances in Like Mother, Like Daughter are strong enough to make it a worthy addition to the switched bodies genre. It has successfully blended comedy, drama, family and love to make a relatable and emotionally engaging story.


Is Like Mother, Like Daughter suitable for all ages?

Yes, this movie is suitable for viewers of all ages. It has a rating of PG-13, and there is no content that is inappropriate for children or young adults.

Does the movie have any moral messages?

Yes, the movie conveys a very important message about the importance of family bonding and empathy. It teaches viewers how to build stronger relationships, and emphasizes the value of connection and mutual respect in parent-child relationships.

Is the movie too predictable?

Like Mother, Like Daughter does have some predictable moments, as is to be expected with comedies of the body-swapping genre. However, the movie has its own unique take on the genre, which makes it a fresh and engaging watch.

Overall, would you recommend the movie?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Like Mother, Like Daughter to anyone who enjoys comedy-drama movies. It is a heartfelt and engaging story, with relatable characters and a valuable message.

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