Malibu Rising By Taylor Jenkins Reid: Book’s Review and Summary

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Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid: A Review

Malibu Rising, written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, is a novel about a famous family who is thrown into turmoil at their annual end-of-summer party. The novel explores the themes of family, love, betrayal, and redemption, and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fun, fast-paced read with a touch of drama.

Taylor Jenkins Reid is an American author known for her captivating and powerful storytelling. Her previous works, including The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones & The Six, have been critically acclaimed and widely popular among readers. Malibu Rising is her latest addition to the literary world, and it is already gaining attention and favorable reviews.

Themes and Ideas

The novel is primarily about the four Riva siblings, Nina, Jay, Hud, and Kit, who are the children of the legendary singer, Mick Riva. It takes place in the year 1983, and it follows the siblings during their annual party in Malibu, a party that has become a tradition and the highlight of the summer. However, this year, things quickly turn out of control, and secrets are exposed, leading to a night of chaos.

One of the main themes explored in the novel is the complexity of family relationships. The four siblings have a complicated upbringing, and their relationships are strained, to say the least. The novel shows how they are affected by their past and how they deal with the present. The author masterfully explores the dynamics of family, the love, and the hurt that come with it.

Another theme that the novel explores is the issue of celebrity culture and the price of fame. Mick Riva is one of the most famous singers of his time, and his children are constantly in the public eye. The novel shows the impact of this lifestyle on the siblings and how it affects their relationships with others. It also touches on the price that comes with fame and how it can destroy relationships and lives.

The Writing and Author’s Message

Malibu Rising is an expertly written novel. The author’s vivid descriptions of the Malibu landscape, the parties, and the characters are impressive. The novel is fast-paced and filled with drama, making it difficult to put down. The author’s writing is so captivating that you often forget that you are reading a novel and feel like you’re part of the story.

The author’s message is powerful, and it is effectively conveyed through the story. The novel shows the importance of love, forgiveness, and second chances. It shows that, no matter what happens, family is always there for you. The message is indeed touching and inspirational, and it provides hope to anyone who has faced challenging times.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strengths of the novel is the author’s ability to keep the reader engaged. The characters are well-developed, and their relationships are intriguing. The writing is excellent, and the story flows effortlessly. The authors’ ability to create a vivid picture of the world and its characters is impressive.

One of the weaknesses of the novel is that some of the scenes are predictable. While the author’s storytelling is excellent, some elements of the story are not entirely original. Also, some readers may find the characters overdramatic, which may make it difficult to connect with them fully.

Comparison to Other Works in its Genre

Malibu Rising is a unique novel that stands out in its genre. Its focus on family relationships and the impact of fame are themes that are not often explored in contemporary literature. Fans of the author’s previous works, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones & The Six, will appreciate the author’s unique writing style and storytelling.


Malibu Rising is an exciting novel that explores the complexities of family relationships and the price of fame. The author’s storytelling is impressive, and her message is powerful. While there are some predictable moments and overdramatic scenes, the novel is an excellent addition to the literary world. Anyone looking for a fast-paced, engaging read that explores the human condition should consider reading Malibu Rising.


Who is the author of Malibu Rising?

The author of Malibu Rising is Taylor Jenkins Reid.

What is Malibu Rising about?

Malibu Rising is a novel about a famous family who is thrown into turmoil at their annual end-of-summer party.

What are some themes explored in Malibu Rising?

The novel explores themes of family, love, betrayal, and redemption.

Is Malibu Rising a good read?

Malibu Rising is an excellent read, particularly for anyone looking for a fast-paced, engaging novel.

How does Malibu Rising compare to Taylor Jenkins Reid’s previous works?

While each novel has its unique qualities, Malibu Rising is comparable to Reid’s other works in its expert storytelling and the author’s powerful message.

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