Moral Compass By Danielle Steel: Review and Summary

Moral Compass Audiobook, written by Danielle Steel |

Moral Compass Audiobook: A Critique of Danielle Steel’s Latest Work

Danielle Steel is a well-known author, having written many popular works of fiction throughout her career. In her latest book, Moral Compass, she delves into the complexities of human nature, exploring the fundamental questions of right and wrong. This audiobook is a great choice for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking fiction that challenges our perspectives on the world around us.

The book centers around a prestigious private school called Saint Ambrose, where a group of students are faced with a morally challenging situation. The new principal, Mr. Post, is determined to uphold his strict code of ethics and maintain the school’s reputation for academic excellence. However, when a scandal breaks out involving a group of students cheating on an exam, Mr. Post is forced to weigh the consequences of his actions and make a decision that will have a lasting impact on the lives of those involved.

Steel’s writing style is straightforward and easy to follow, making it accessible to readers of all ages. She has a gift for creating relatable characters that we can empathize with, and her descriptions of the school and its surroundings are vivid and engaging. However, some readers may find the plot predictable and the dialogue somewhat stilted.

Despite these minor flaws, Moral Compass is a compelling read that raises important questions about morality and the way we navigate our relationships with others. It provides a nuanced exploration of the complex dynamics at play in schools and other institutions, and the moral dilemmas faced by individuals who are tasked with upholding ethical standards.

One of the strengths of this book is its ability to convey the depth of feeling and emotion that can arise in these situations. Steel expertly captures the anxiety and uncertainty that arise when we are faced with difficult choices, and the impact that these decisions can have on our relationships with others. Additionally, the book provides a powerful commentary on the state of education in our society today, emphasizing the need for more ethics-based learning and critical thinking skills.

However, the book is not without its weaknesses. Some readers may find the characters to be somewhat one-dimensional, with their motivations and choices seeming somewhat contrived at times. Additionally, the book may be overly simplistic in its portrayal of the various ethical dilemmas that the characters face, lacking the nuance and complexity necessary to truly capture the complexity of these situations.

Overall, Moral Compass is a great choice for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking fiction that explores the complexities of human nature. Its engaging characters and story, combined with its themes of morality and ethics, make it a powerful contribution to the genre. While it may not be perfect, it is certainly a worthwhile read for anyone who wants to be challenged and engaged by their reading material.


How long is the audiobook?

The audiobook is approximately 7 hours and 8 minutes long.

Is the audiobook available in other languages?

As of now, the audiobook is only available in English.

Is this book appropriate for young adult readers?

While the book deals with mature themes, it is appropriate for readers ages 13 and up.

How does this book compare to Steel’s other works?

Moral Compass is similar to Steel’s other works in terms of its engaging characters and themes of human nature. However, it stands out for its focus on morality and ethics, which sets it apart from her other works.

Would you recommend this book to others?

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking fiction and exploring the complexities of human nature. While it may not be perfect, it is certainly a worthwhile read for anyone looking to engage with challenging ideas and themes.

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