Scared To Death By Rachel Amphlett: Book Review & Summary

Scared To Death By Rachel Amphlett – Mrsreadsbooks

Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett – Mrsreadsbooks

Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett – A Thrilling Ride of Suspense and Fear

Scared to Death is a gripping murder mystery, written by Rachel Amphlett, that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The book transports you into the head of the protagonist, Detective Kay Hunter, and you feel the emotions and experiences as if they were your own. Amphlett’s excellent writing skills make it hard for the reader to put the book down.

Rachel Amphlett is a British novelist known for her fast-paced crime thrillers. She has written multiple books, including the Dan Taylor and the Detective Kay Hunter series, of which Scared to Death is the first installment. Amphlett’s writing is compelling and her characters are well developed, realistic and relatable. She has a talent for creating suspenseful and thrilling plots that capture the reader’s attention from the very beginning.

The Main Themes

Scared to Death, as the name suggests, is a frightening tale of a serial killer who targets vulnerable women. The case lands on Detective Kay Hunter’s desk and she has to work against time to solve it before the killer strikes again. The book is not only about the chase of the killer but also delves into the personal life of Detective Kay Hunter. There are themes of insecurities, betrayal, and family dynamics.

Amphlett’s writing style is fast-paced and engaging, with plenty of twists and turns. A page-turner that is difficult to put down, readers will find themselves drawn into the story and engrossed from the first page until the last.

The Author’s Writing Style

Rachel Amphlett has a unique writing style that is both descriptive and engaging. She conjures up vivid images of characters and places, making the reader feel as though they are part of the story. Her proficiency in writing dialogue helps to establish the character persona and her aptitude in setting the tone of a scene is remarkable.

Amphlett’s pace is brisk and the writing is tight, keeping the reader captivated from one scene to the next. She does an excellent job of keeping the reader guessing with unexpected twists and turns and the suspense and tension is palpable throughout the novel.

However, Amphlett’s prose can be considered verbose and occasionally drags a little in places, with too much focus on detail. And although the story is compelling, there were times when the plot seemed a little implausible.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the biggest strengths of Scared to Death is the character development and the introduction of the protagonist, Detective Kay Hunter. Amphlett expertly portrays Hunter as a competent detective who is also struggling with personal issues. The supporting cast of characters is also well fleshed-out, making them feel human and genuine.

The plot itself is well thought-out and contains unexpected twists and turns. It is a well-crafted story that is enjoyable to read. Another strength of the book is its pacing, which keeps readers hooked from start to finish.

However, the book also has some weaknesses. There are instances where the author over-explains things, making the book feel a little tedious. Additionally, there are some parts of the storyline that feels a little rushed, providing readers a less satisfying reading experience.

Comparison with Other Works in the Genre

Scared to Death is a thrilling and suspenseful murder mystery that is comparable to other works in the genre like Patricia Cornwell’s The Scarpetta Series and Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent novels. They all focus on the psychological aspect of catching a killer and the suspenseful chase that follows. However, Amphlett’s writing style is more descriptive than both Cornwell and Slaughter and tension is created with precision and detail rather than gut-wrenching and graphic violence.


Scared to Death is a must-read for fans of fast-paced crime thrillers. With its intriguing plot, fascinating characters and well-executed pacing, the reader will find it hard to put down. The book has its share of flaws, but the strengths easily outweigh them.

In conclusion, Rachel Amphlett’s Scared to Death is a thrilling ride of suspense and fear that will leave readers satisfied and entertained. Highly recommended to fans of the genre who enjoy psychological thrillers with well-crafted characters and plot twists.


What is the book about?

The book is a suspenseful murder mystery, focusing on the hunt for a serial killer and the personal challenges of Detective Kay Hunter.

Who is the author of the book?

The author of the book is Rachel Amphlett, a British novelist best known for her fast-paced crime thrillers.

Is the book a standalone or part of a series?

The book is part of the Detective Kay Hunter series, but it can be read as a standalone.

What is the target audience for the book?

The target audience for Scared to Death is fans of fast-paced crime thrillers and suspenseful murder mysteries.

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