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Seven Lies by Elizabeth Kay – A Tale of Deception and Betrayal

Seven Lies is an enthralling novel written by Elizabeth Kay. The fast-paced, character-driven narrative takes readers on a suspenseful ride through the troubled lives of Jane and Marnie. This gripping tale of betrayal and deception received rave reviews globally and is one of the most talked-about books of the year. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the book’s themes, characters, and writing style and give you our honest critique. So, let’s get started.

The Story

The book’s main character, Jane, is an unreliable narrator who tells the story from her point of view. The novel is structured chronologically into seven parts, each of which is based on a lie that Jane tells. The lies escalate, causing damage to Jane’s relationships with her best friend, Marnie, and other people in her life. As Jane spins a tale of betrayal and deception, the reader is taken on a journey of discovery, as Jane’s past and present converge, revealing the truth behind the lies and the people in Jane’s life.

Jane and Marnie have been best friends since childhood. They grew up in a small town and attended school together. Jane is a complex character who portrays herself as the perfect friend to Marnie. However, as the story progresses, the reader discovers that Jane has a hidden agenda that is anything but friendly. The lies she tells become more elaborate, drawing Marnie into an ever-widening vortex of deception and betrayal. The suspense builds as the reader is kept waiting for the next lie and the consequences that come with it.

Themes and Ideas

The novel touches on various themes such as friendship, betrayal, love, and deceit. The author delves into the complex nature of human relationships, and the impact deception can have on them. She also explores how people are shaped by their past experiences, leading them to make choices that might not always be in their best interest.

The novel also touches on societal issues such as insecurity, misogyny, class, and privilege. These themes are subtly woven into the narrative, creating a more profound understanding of the characters and their motivations.

The Characters

Elizabeth Kay masterfully creates complex characters that feel authentic to the reader. Jane is the unreliable narrator who keeps the reader guessing at every turn, making it impossible to predict the outcome. The character of Marnie is also well fleshed out, making it easy to empathize with her. The supporting cast of characters is equally well written and complements the main characters beautifully.

The Writing Style

Elizabeth Kay has a captivating writing style that keeps the reader engaged throughout the novel. She has a way of weaving suspense into her narrative that keeps the reader on edge, waiting for the next reveal. Her writing is crisp, clean, and to the point, making it easy to follow the story’s intricate plot.

However, the frequent time shifts and flashbacks can be confusing, and some readers might find this a little challenging. Nonetheless, once you find your bearings, the novel’s pace picks up, and the story becomes even more enthralling, making it a page-turner.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The novel’s main strength is the character development and the narrative’s suspenseful nature, which keeps the reader invested in the story until the end. It also explores themes that are relevant in our society, making it a book that readers can relate to.

Its main weakness is the confusion that can arise from the frequent time shifts and flashbacks. This can make the novel hard to follow at times, and some readers might lose interest. But those who stick with it are rewarded with a satisfying ending that explains everything.

Comparison to Other Works in its Genre

Seven Lies is a psychological thriller that has been compared to Gone Girl. Although there are similarities between the two novels, Seven Lies has a unique narrative style that sets it apart from the others. The book’s structure and character development are reminiscent of Gillian Flynn’s novel, but the plot takes a different turn, making it a fresh take on the genre.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Seven Lies is an engaging, suspenseful novel that is difficult to put down. The character development is impressive, and the narrative style is captivating. Although the multiple time shifts and flashbacks can be confusing, they add to the overall suspense of the story. We would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves psychological thrillers that keep you on edge until the very end.


Is Seven Lies a good book?

Yes, Seven Lies is an excellent book with a captivating narrative that keeps you invested until the very end.

What genre is Seven Lies?

Seven Lies is a psychological thriller novel.

Can I relate to the characters in Seven Lies?

Yes, the characters in Seven Lies are relatable, and the novel explores themes that are relevant in our society.

Is Seven Lies similar to Gone Girl?

There are similarities between Seven Lies and Gone Girl, but Seven Lies has a unique narrative style that sets it apart from other novels in the genre.

Is the writing style in Seven Lies easy to follow?

The writing style in Seven Lies is crisp, clean, and to the point, making it easy to follow. However, the frequent time shifts and flashbacks can be confusing, making it a little hard to follow at times.

Would you recommend Seven Lies to others?

Yes, we would highly recommend Seven Lies to anyone who loves psychological thrillers and is looking for a gripping, suspenseful read.

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