So Lucky By Dawn Oporter: Book Review & Summary

So Lucky By Dawn Oporter

Dawn O’Porter, renowned English author and television presenter, has done it again with her latest novel, So Lucky. This gripping book tells the story of three women who are going through major life transitions and each face their own challenges. It’s a novel that offers deep reflection on life and its imperfections and how to cope with them.

Main Themes and Ideas

So Lucky is a story that beautifully captures the nuances of friendship, love, loss and the vulnerability that comes with them. It delves deep into the meandering ways of human emotions and showcases how they shape us in ways we don’t even realise. Dawn O’Porter explores these themes through the eyes of her three protagonists, exploring their unique perspectives on life and relationships.

The book is a raw and piercing insight into the complexities of being alive – giving readers a profound reality-check. It poetically portrays how the heart can both break and mend at the same time, and how there is always hope on the horizon, even in the face of the worst adversity.

Critical Evaluation of Writing Style

Dawn O’Porter is a masterclass in her writing style. She has a boldness that is evident throughout the book in its themes and stories. Her writing is unapologetic, yet also tender and vulnerable, drawing the reader into the lives of her characters so they feel like old friends.

A key strength of O’Porter’s style is her ability to write from the perspective of her characters so that the reader can empathise fully with their journey. She skillfully manages multiple perspectives throughout the book, which is not an easy task. This is what makes the characters feel authentic and believable.

The author’s exploratory writing style also shines through in the ambivalent nature of the plot. Whilst we are not given any easy answers, the narrative is fascinating and captivating enough to keep the reader turning the pages.

Strengths and Weaknesses

So Lucky is undoubtedly a strong piece of fiction. The book’s themes and characters are authentic and honest, making for a relatable and moving read. Furthermore, the pacing of the narrative is well-constructed, leaping between character perspectives whilst retaining the coherence of a cohesive whole.

The character development in the novel is also well-executed. Each protagonist has their own distinct personality and thought process, and as a reader, one is drawn towards their character arcs and developments. The book’s ability to tackle a sensitive and emotional subject with empathy and care is a testament to its strengths.

However, one might criticise its lack of resolution. Readers who prefer tidy, satisfying endings may find the book a little frustrating. O’Porter does not spoon-feed the reader with easy answers and leaves most questions open-ended, which might not work for some.

Comparison to other genre works

So Lucky is a story unlike any other work in its genre. It offers a unique take on themes and characterisation, with a writing style that is both unflinching and emotionally stirring. That being said, the book shares similarities to novels like ‘The Bride Test’ by Helen Hoang and ‘The Heart’s Invisible Furies’ by John Boyne.

The Heart’s Invisible Furies explores the relationship between a mother and son, whilst So Lucky takes a deeper look at female relationships and friendships. Meanwhile, The Bride Test explores the power of love, as does So Lucky, albeit in a much more complex and nuanced way.

Final Thoughts

So Lucky is an exceptional book that will not disappoint readers looking for something with flair and substance. Through her powerful language and dynamic prose, Dawn O’Porter depicts her strong understanding of what it means to be human.

The themes and ideas in the book have the power to impact a reader’s life in a significant way, inviting reflection and introspection. It is important to note though that the book isn’t a light read and its rawness might hit a little too close to home for some.


What is So Lucky about?

So Lucky is about three women who are all dealing with major life events. It explores themes of friendship, love, loss, and vulnerability through their perspectives.

Who is the author of So Lucky?

Dawn O’Porter is the author of So Lucky. She is a renowned author, TV presenter and journalist.

Is So Lucky worth reading?

So Lucky is a well-written, emotionally powerful book worth reading for those who want to challenge themselves and reflect on their own life experiences.

Is So Lucky a quick read?

So Lucky is not a quick read. It is a deeply engaging novel that requires time and patience to digest. With its exploratory writing style and complex character development, one should take their time while reading it.

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