Stalking Claremont By Bret Christian: Book Review & Summary

Stalking Claremont: Inside The Hunt For A Serial Killer By Bret

Stalking Claremont: Inside the hunt for a serial killer by Bret

Stalking Claremont: Inside the Hunt for a Serial Killer is a book written by Bret Christian that vividly depicts the crimes of a serial killer which terrorized the Perth metropolitan area in Western Australia from 1996 to 1997. The book revolves around the author’s accounts of the investigation, which is fascinating as it is gruesome. Christian was a journalist who covered the case since its inception, the book is an exceptional blend of journalism and storytelling.

Main themes and ideas presented in the book

The book is centered around the investigation of the case of the notorious Claremont serial killer. Christian takes the reader through the case’s thorny journey from its start to the final outcome. The investigation was a long and excruciating one, and Brett Christian documented each step of the way, compelling the reader to be with him through the darkest moments of the investigation.

The book’s main themes pivot on the efforts of the police department to identify the killer and bring them to justice, the impact of the murders on the community, and the personal accounts and experiences of the victims’ families. Through an in-depth analysis of the case, Christian provides an astute insight into the intricacies surrounding a lengthy and complex murder investigation, and some of the challenges faced while investigating such cases.

Critical evaluation of the writing style

Bret Christian’s writing style is engaging, and he masterfully blends the journalistic approach with a novelistic element. He provides a clear, concise account of the case, detailing the detectives’ efforts to catch the killer while also recounting their failures and successes. The author is also careful in his use of language, ensuring that the book does not appear lurid or sensationalist, which is vital, considering the sensitive subject matter the book discusses.

The author’s approach to the subject was methodical and comprehensive, making the book an informative read for anyone interested in crime journalism or criminal investigations. Furthermore, Christian’s use of personal accounts from the families of the victims humanized the tragedy and brought the victims to life, making the book more relatable and emotional.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Stalking Claremont is a gripping read that takes the reader through the police investigation to identify and apprehend the killer. The author provides a detailed account of the investigation and captures the mood of the community as they grapple with the tragedy.

The book’s strength lies in its thoroughness in documenting the investigation. It provides an intriguing account of the police department’s strategies and challenges during the investigation, which could prove useful for anyone interested in the field of criminal investigation. The personal accounts and experiences shared by the victim’s families was also a commendable move by the author, which provided added depth to the book.

The book’s weakness may lie in the lack of diverse perspective on the case. Christian primarily focuses on the police department’s perspective, with little input from the killer’s point of view. This does not reduce the impact of the book altogether as it accomplishes what it sets out to achieve, which is to provide an in-depth account of the investigation from the detective’s perspective.

Comparison with other works in its genre

The book sets the bar for true crime journalism. The author’s use of a journalistic approach to write the book is similar to the classic true-crime genre’s style, which draws from real events to tell a gripping tale. Comparing it to the other works in the true-crime genre, Stalking Claremont stands out as an excellent book that expertly blends a journalistic and novelistic approach.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Stalking Claremont: Inside the Hunt for a Serial Killer is an extraordinary book that details the events of a horrific crime that rocked a community. The book’s engaging writing style makes the reader feel like they are part of the investigation, without being too graphic or offensive.

The book’s strengths outweigh its weaknesses, and it is a recommended read for anyone interested in true-crime journalism or criminal investigations. Bret Christian’s comprehensive approach to the topic makes the book one of the definitive books for those seeking a comprehensive account of the investigation.


Does the book cover the entire investigation’s duration?

Yes, Bret Christian covers the entire investigation from its inception to the very end.

Is the book too graphic or offensive?

No, despite the sensitive subject matter, the book is not overly graphic or offensive.

Is the book informative?

Yes, it is informative. Bret Christian’s approach is comprehensive and provides insights into the criminal investigation process.

Does the book focus on the victims and their families?

Yes, the book humanizes the tragedy by focusing on the victims and their families’ experiences.

Is the book worth reading?

Yes, it is an engaging and informative read that makes it worth reading.

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