Summer At Kangaroo Ridge By Nicole Hurley Moore: Book Review & Summary

Summer At Kangaroo Ridge Nicole Hurley-Moore

Summer at Kangaroo Ridge Nicole Hurley-Moore

Summer at Kangaroo Ridge is a delightful novel by Nicole Hurley-Moore that takes readers on a journey through the Australian countryside. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Victorian high country, this novel is a story about family, friendship, love, and second chances.

Main Themes and Ideas

One of the central themes in this novel is the concept of embracing change. The protagonist, Nina, starts off as someone who is overwhelmed by the changes that come with taking over her family’s farm. However, as the novel progresses, she begins to adapt to her new life, and learns to appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape around her.

Another important theme in this book is the idea of the community. The people who live in the valley are all connected in one way or another, and they look out for each other in times of need. This sense of community is also evident in the way that people come together to celebrate important milestones and events.

The author also explores the theme of second chances. Many of the characters in this novel have experienced setbacks in their lives, whether it be a failed relationship, a missed opportunity, or a personal struggle. However, they are given a chance to start over and make the most of their lives, something that is both empowering and inspiring.

Critical Evaluation

One of the strengths of this novel is the author’s writing style. Hurley-Moore has a talent for vivid descriptions that create a strong sense of place, bringing the Australian countryside to life on the pages of her book. This is particularly evident in her descriptions of the flora and fauna of the bush, as well as the small details of everyday life on a farm.

Another strength of the novel is the way that the author weaves together different storylines, creating a complex web of relationships and conflicts that keeps readers engaged. There are a number of different characters in this novel, all with their own unique personalities and quirks, but they are all connected in some way. This creates a sense of cohesion that makes the novel feel more like a community than a collection of individuals.

One of the weaknesses of this novel is that some of the characters can feel a little underdeveloped. While the main characters, such as Nina and her love interest, Max, are well-rounded and multi-dimensional, some of the side characters feel like they are only there to serve the plot. Additionally, some of the conflicts that arise in the novel feel a little contrived, as if they were only included to create tension, rather than being a natural outgrowth of the characters’ motivations and desires.

Comparison to Other Works in the Genre

Summer at Kangaroo Ridge is a standout novel in the rural romance genre. It shares a lot of similarities with other works in the genre, such as its focus on the countryside and the importance of community, but it stands out because of its nuanced characters and intricate plot. Compared to other novels in this genre, Summer at Kangaroo Ridge is a refreshing and enjoyable read that will appeal to fans of rural romance, as well as readers who are looking for a well-written and engaging novel.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Overall, Summer at Kangaroo Ridge is an enjoyable and engaging novel that is well worth reading. It is a beautifully written book that captures the essence of the Australian bush, and it is full of complex characters and interwoven storylines that will keep readers hooked until the very end. While it is not without its flaws, such as underdeveloped characters and contrived conflicts, these are mostly overshadowed by the book’s many strengths.

For anyone who is a fan of rural romance or just looking for a well-written and engaging novel, Summer at Kangaroo Ridge is definitely worth checking out.


1. What inspired Nicole Hurley-Moore to write this book?

The author was inspired by her own experiences living on a farm in the Victorian high country. She wanted to capture the beauty of the landscape and the unique challenges and rewards of rural life.

2. Is this novel suitable for younger readers?

While the subject matter is not particularly inappropriate for younger readers, the novel does contain some adult themes and language, so parents should use their discretion when deciding whether it is appropriate for their children.

3. Does the author have any other books?

Yes, Nicole Hurley-Moore has written a number of other novels, including Country Roads, White Gum Creek, and Under the Cherry Tree.

4. Is there a sequel to this book?

No, there is not currently a sequel to Summer at Kangaroo Ridge, but readers who enjoyed this novel may also enjoy some of the author’s other works.

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