The Bluffs by Kyle Perry: A Chilling Tale of Danger

The Bluffs by Kyle Perry

Are you looking for a spine-chilling read to curl up with during the cold weather season? Look no further than The Bluffs, Kyle Perry’s debut novel set in the atmospheric Great Western Tiers region of Tasmania. In this gripping story, a group of teenage girls vanish in the remote location of Limestone Creek, a site for long-standing folklore and a killer’s stomping ground.

To help you decide whether The Bluffs is the right book for you, here’s a closer look at what makes this novel so engrossing.

The Plot: A Mystery Haunted by the Past

The disappearance of the teenage girls is not an isolated incident. Decades earlier, another group of girls vanished in the same area. As suspicion mounts, a local teacher is found unconscious in the mountains, and a local drug dealer becomes a prime suspect. Detective Badenhorst is tasked with navigating the maze of corruption, community perception, social media issues, and teenage politics to bring order to the town and settle the malevolence that has haunted the region for decades.

The Setting: Tasmania’s Pristine Wilderness

Perry’s years of experience trekking the Tasmanian wilderness have given him the ability to transport readers deep into the heart of the Great Western Tiers region. You’ll feel the remoteness and isolation of the locale, along with the crisp, alpine-scented air. Perry’s vivid descriptions of the flora and fauna of the region add to the sense of connection and immersion.

The Atmosphere: A Highly Strung Thriller

From the first page, The Bluffs exudes tension and urgency. The sense of danger is palpable, and the atmosphere never lets up. Perry’s skill in maintaining a consistent level of biting atmosphere throughout the novel is impressive. The local legends, secrets, suspicions, and unexplained events culminate in a gripping and unsettling tale.

The Characters: Complex and Deceptive

The investigations led by Detective Badenhorst are authentic and detailed, with police groundwork, forensics, and profiles that will pique your interest. However, the novel is full of complex and deceptive characters, making it hard to trust anyone. The alternating three main character viewpoints add further layers of intrigue to the story, drawing you into this deceptive and engrossing tale.


Q: Is The Bluffs suitable for young adult readers?
A: The Bluffs contains mature themes and is recommended for adult readers.

Q: Is The Bluffs a standalone novel or part of a series?
A: The Bluffs is a standalone novel, but Kyle Perry has since released a second novel, The Deep, which is also set in Tasmania.

Q: Is The Bluffs a fast-paced thriller?
A: Yes, The Bluffs is a highly strung thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


The Bluffs is a solid debut novel from Kyle Perry, and a must-read for fans of chilling thrillers set in atmospheric locales. With its engrossing plot, vivid setting, gripping atmosphere, and complex characters, The Bluffs is sure to keep you hooked until the very end.

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