The Cake Makers Wish By Josephine Moon: Book Review & Summary

The Cake Maker’s Wish By Josephine Moon – Penguin Books Australia

The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon - Penguin Books Australia

Have you ever had a craving for some delicious cake? Well, Josephine Moon’s book, “The Cake Maker’s Wish,” might just satisfy that craving. In this novel, Moon tells the story of an Australian town called Stony Creek and the people who live in it.

The Author

Josephine Moon is an Australian author, known for her ability to transport her readers to a world of delectable treats and warm characters. Her writing style is light and engaging, making her stories perfect for a lazy afternoon or weekend read. Though she has written many books, “The Cake Maker’s Wish” has been one of her most popular works to date.

The Story

“The Cake Maker’s Wish” is a delightful story of love, friendship, and of course, cake. The protagonist of the story is Olivia Kent, a successful cake maker who decides to return to her hometown of Stony Creek to open up a cake shop. She soon finds herself caught up in the lives of the town’s residents, including the charming farmer, Simon, and the newly arrived American, Hannah.

The story follows Olivia as she navigates through the ups and downs of small-town life, from rekindling old friendships to facing new romantic prospects. Through her interactions with the people of Stony Creek, Olivia uncovers secrets and learns valuable lessons about life.

Themes and Ideas

“The Cake Maker’s Wish” explores themes of family, friendship, love, and the importance of community. Moon emphasizes the significance of human connection, portraying the town of Stony Creek as a close-knit community that comes together in times of need. The book also delves into the idea of self-discovery and personal growth, with Olivia discovering her true passion and breaking free from her past mistakes.

Writing Style

Moon’s writing style is easygoing and lighthearted, making it a perfect read for anyone in search of a feel-good book. Her descriptions of food are particularly tantalizing, making the reader’s mouth water at the mere mention of cake. Despite the light tone, Moon is able to weave in serious issues, adding depth and complexity to the story. The book is well-paced and keeps the reader engaged from start to finish.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strengths of “The Cake Maker’s Wish” is its charming characters. Each person in the story is well-developed and adds their own unique flavor to the town’s community. Another strength is the book’s portrayal of small-town life. Moon did an excellent job of depicting the rhythms of daily life in a close-knit community.

However, one weakness of the book is the predictability of the plot. While the story is heartwarming and enjoyable, there are few surprises and the ending is somewhat expected. Additionally, some readers might find the book to be overly sweet or cliché in certain aspects.

Comparison to Other Works

“The Cake Maker’s Wish” can be compared to other novels that explore the themes of family, community, and personal growth. One book that comes to mind is “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Both books feature groups of close-knit individuals who come together in unexpected ways and help one another through tough times. However, “The Cake Maker’s Wish” has a stronger focus on food and culinary arts, setting it apart from other works in the genre.


Overall, “The Cake Maker’s Wish” is a delightful book that leaves the reader feeling warm and content. Though the story is somewhat predictable, the charming characters and realistic portrayal of small-town life make up for it. Anyone in search of a heartwarming feel-good read should definitely give this book a try.


What’s the main idea of the book?

The book’s main idea is the importance of human connection and community in our lives. Through the town of Stony Creek, the book shows how people can come together and support each other through tough times.

How long is the book?

The book is approximately 400 pages long.

What age range is the book suitable for?

The book is suitable for readers of all ages, though younger readers might not fully appreciate the complexities of the story.

Is the book part of a series?

No, “The Cake Maker’s Wish” is a standalone novel. However, some of the characters in the book might appear in other books by Josephine Moon.

Is the book available in ebook format?

Yes, the book is available in ebook format along with paperback and hardcover editions.

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