The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose – A Gripping Domestic Thriller

the perfect marriage by jeneva rose

The Perfect Marriage – Jeneva Rose, the acclaimed USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author, delivers another gripping masterpiece with “The Perfect Marriage.” This thrilling psychological suspense takes readers on a dark journey through the twisted lives of Sarah and Adam Morgan, a seemingly picture-perfect couple whose world shatters when Adam is accused of murdering his mistress.

A Rollercoaster of Twists and Turns

Set in Washington, D.C., the story unfolds through alternating first-person narratives from Sarah and Adam. Sarah, a renowned criminal defense attorney, and Adam, a struggling writer, have been married for a decade. Their anniversary takes a sinister turn when Adam meets his mistress, Kelly Summers, at their lake house. But when Kelly turns up brutally murdered, Adam becomes the prime suspect in a baffling case.

Unraveling a Web of Secrets

As the investigation progresses, the truth about Kelly’s troubled past emerges. With allegations of abuse and a previous murder accusation, doubts surface about her credibility. Sarah, despite Adam’s infidelity, decides to defend him, navigating a maze of obstacles including Adam’s uncooperative behavior and the interference of his overbearing mother.

Sarah’s Quest for Justice

Driven by her determination to prove Adam’s innocence, Sarah delves deep into the case, uncovering shocking revelations. The discovery that Kelly had multiple sexual partners on the day of her death raises troubling questions. Sarah pursues leads, even resorting to ethically questionable measures to obtain crucial evidence. Yet, despite her efforts, Adam is unjustly convicted and faces the death penalty.

A Shocking Revelation

Ten years later, as Adam’s execution looms, the truth behind Kelly’s murder is finally unveiled. Sarah’s involvement takes a sinister turn when she confesses to framing Adam for the crime. A chilling alliance with a member of her law firm, Bob Miller, unfolds as they conspire to exact revenge on Kelly and punish Adam for his infidelity. The startling revelation exposes a web of deceit and manipulation.

The Final Act

With Adam’s life hanging in the balance, the gripping climax unfolds during his execution. Sarah, Bob, and unexpected witnesses gather to witness the tragic end. As Adam’s last thoughts reveal his realization of Sarah’s betrayal, she leaves the execution scene, ready to start a new life with Bob. Their wedding looms on the horizon, but the darkness lingers as Sarah discloses her involvem

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