The Whispering by Veronica Lando

The Whispering by Veronica Lando

The Whispering by Veronica Lando is a gripping and atmospheric crime noir novel, which won the Banjo Prize in 2021. This debut novel is a quintessential Australian crime thriller that will take readers on a journey through secrets, homecoming, tragedy, and conjecture. The book tells the story of Callum Haffenden, a former resident of Granite Creek who returns to his hometown after a tragic mystery emerges. This story is an excellent representation of the Australian crime noir genre, and it is masterfully written.

Book Review The whispering

Veronica Lando’s writing is vivid and descriptive, immersing the reader in the atmospheric rainforest setting of Granite Creek. Despite not being familiar with the area, the author’s detailed prose enabled me to visualize the setting, creating a sense of unease and tension that pervades the entire book. The location serves as an ideal backdrop for the narrative, making The Whispering a top-notch read.

Callum Haffenden, the lead character in the novel, is a complex and intriguing figure. He is a man who has been deeply impacted by tragedy and is driven to uncover the truth. His past history, family, and acquaintances are all interwoven into the plot, making for a layered and multifaceted character. The supporting cast of characters, the residents of Granite Creek, are equally well developed and provide a solid representation of a community dealing with long-standing tragedy.

The plot of The Whispering is a slow burn, with a constant and methodical pace that keeps the reader engaged throughout. The novel is deeply situational, and the tension and unease continue to mount as the story progresses. As old tragedies are reignited, suspicions are raised, and Callum makes it his mission to uncover the truth. Lando expertly ties in themes of rumour, gossip, reporting, folklore, policing, regret, and disability, making The Whispering a thoughtful and multifaceted work of crime fiction.

The Whispering is a fantastic debut from Townsville based author Veronica Lando, and it is a must-read for fans of Australian crime fiction. The novel’s plot is intriguing, the setting is atmospheric, and the characters are well developed. Lando’s writing style is engaging, with a good balance of description and action that keeps the reader hooked. The novel’s pacing is excellent, with the story accelerating towards its highly anticipated conclusion.

Overall, The Whispering is a highly recommended read for anyone who enjoys crime fiction. It is an impressive debut that sets the bar high for Veronica Lando’s future works. Readers will be captivated by the story’s deep sense of atmosphere, compelling characters, and well-crafted plot. The Whispering is a gold seal winner for a reason and is undoubtedly a book that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

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